Best Inventory Control System

  1. Survey Property
    We walk the facility to get a feel for all of your common fixtures and customize a catalog for you.
  2. Go Through Existing Stock
    Get an idea of what you currently have in stock and how we can organize in a more efficient manner.
  3. Develop Par Levels
    We work with you to determine the minimum and maximum amount of inventory you would like to keep per item.
  4. Build Customized Kit Boxes/Tear Top Bins
    Customized, organized, and labled to your specifications.

Customized Master Assortment

25205WEBWe will organize and label your parts per fixture and determine what parts schematic to go on the inside of each lid. We will label the outside of the box by building area or fixture.

Simply place your custom assortment boxes in the easy slide out trays and lock them into place. Our locking hinge option prevents spillage and theft, and is perfect for racks mounted in vehicles. With the Best Assortment Rack, you'll never have to worry about forgetting a part out on the job, or wasting time checking scattered inventory.

Custom Assortment Box

Mini Assortments

18900WEB    69929WEB

Mini Assortment Box

Mini Assortment boxes are made of durable, high-strength, oil resistant, transparent polypropylene. See section 2 of the Best Catalog and website for over 30 mini assortments!

Mini Assortment Rack

Rack holds 5 mini assortment boxes. The mini rack has been designed for three way use: Keyhole slots are furnished for wall mounting, a handle is provided for easy transporting, and bolt holes permit stacking.

Bin Boxes (Cardboard)

Cardboard Bin Boxes


4" x 12"     8" x 18"

8" x 12"     2" x 12"

4 different sizes are available and labels can be customized as well!

Bin Boxes (Tear Top)

Tear Top Bin Boxes

(12" x 4" x 4")
(12" x 4" x 4")


No need to assemble and no more hand writing part numbers. You just remove the top of the pre-labeled box and add to your shelf! 2 different sizes.

Shipped to you, and Packaged & Labeled to put on your shelf!