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We have over 50 sales reps located nationwide, who provide personalized service to every customer. This personalized service includes: no charge surveys, inventory controls systems, custom order tracking, customized catalogs (print and/or electronic), no charge stockroom conversions, online ordering, e-procurement (Punchout), and years of experience when trying to locate those hard to find items. We are your one stop shop for all your plumbing and repair parts needs!

Our Sales Reps will show up to your building and take the time to get to know you and your facilities and how we can streamline your daily workflow, by making your job easier for you to complete. They will walk the building, identify your fixtures and help you construct a free custom assortment box for that fixture that holds all the repair parts you need to keep in maintained. Our custom assortment boxes help you save time, money, and space, by keeping everything you need in one place that can be easily carried to the job at hand. Our custom assortment boxes can help you clean up and organize your stockroom and help you know how much inventory you have an when to re-order.

Sales representatives will also show you the newest industry products, track your orders for you, bring along a printed Best Plumbing Specialties catalog for you to keep on the shelf (or digital copy if you prefer), help you place an online order, and can even help set your company up with our online e-procurement offerings (Punch-out). We're here to help you!

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Why Best Plumbing

Here at Best we have one goal: to get you what you need.  We will work with you and be available whenever you need us. Best has over 50 sales reps located nationwide, who provide personalized service to every customer. 

Best Plumbing works closely with:

Customers we serve

Building Engineers, Plumbers, Maintenance Mechanics, Purchasing agents (send us your bids & price requests), Colleges/Universities, School Districts, Government Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Property managers and owners, Carpenters and Painters, Housekeeping, Apartments, Hospitals/Nursing Homes, Office Buildings, & Hotels/Motels.

We Supply

  • Plumbing/Heating Repair Parts
  • General Maintenance Products & Hardware
  • PRISON Valve Repair Parts
  • Tools
  • Drain Cleaning Equipment
  • Water Conservation Parts
  • Safety Products
  • Chemicals
  • Commercial & Residential Bath Accessories
  • Partition Hardware
  • Parts for ADA Compliance
  • Electrical
  • HVAC

You've seen manufacturer's names like, American Standard, Kohler, Sloan, Chicago, Bobrick, ASI, Delany, Zurn, Acorn, Metcraft, T&S Brass, Gerber, Eljer, Central Brass, Halsey Taylor, Fluidmaster, Sarco, Symmons, Woodford, etc., and we have THE INTERNAL REPAIR PARTS to repair them all. You can check out our Product Line to see the hundreds of manufacturers that we carry parts for. 

Al Stockroom
Product & Inventory No Charge Seminars

Not sure what parts you need right now and what parts you need in stock? Or maybe you don’t know exactly what parts go into your plumbing fixture. We can help! We have FREE seminars available for you!

  • Inventory and parts management
  • Trouble-shooting and maintenance for any type of plumbing fixture.
  • OEM Direct training workshops from factory reps

Often seminars can be recorded at no extra charge! Should you have properties in several geographic regions that have similar plumbing fixtures; these can be duplicated at no charge for your distribution.

In addition to your customized catalogs & product information, inventory tracking and ordering forms can be provided should you require them. Usage reports and inventory survey summaries are available on as well.


It’s more than just a catalog!

From the survey, we’ll tab the schematics of your fixtures or we’ll seal into your NO-CHARGE CATALOG, the exact schematic breakdowns of the fixtures in your facility if we don’t have them published. The tabs mean no more time wasted looking through catalogs to find the parts you need.

The rest of our catalog contains general repair parts, fittings, drain cleaning equipment and chemicals and plumbing tools that are applicable to virtually any type of account.

If you would like to request a physical catalog please fill out the form below.


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(Best accepts all major credit cards for purchases including the American Express Corporate Purchasing Card.)