#1 Chack Assy Repair Kit 8 and 10 in

#1 Chack Assy Repair Kit 8 and 10 in

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#1 Check Assembly Repair Kit, 8" and 10" 375A, 475DA, and 475DAV


The 375CK1 is compatible in sizes 8" and 10". The Repair Kit contains Seat Retainer #1, Bolt Poppet Retainer, Washer Poppet Bolt, O-ring Poppet Bolt, Poppet Retainer, Seal Ring, Seat Assembly #1 Poppet, and Washer Seat Retainer.
  • Accessories allow for speedy repairs
  • Repair Kits provide cost savings by avoiding full Backflow Preventer replacement
  • Complies with ASSE® Listed 1013 and C-UL® Classified
  • Quality materials extend replacement life

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